Friday, December 22, 2006

DFC Supports Stem Cell Research Bill

Disciples For Choice joined with hundreds of other religious organizations, patient advocacy groups, health organizations, research universities, scientific societies, and other interested institutions and associations, to urge members of Congress to support the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act.

In a letter to all incoming members of the US House and Senate, DFC and theother groups (together representing millions of patients, scientists, health care providers, people of faith and health care advocates) urged expedited passage and enactment of this "pro-patient and pro-research" legislation when the bill comes before each chamber in the 110th Congress.

The letter signed by DFC reminds legislatures again about the importance of stem cell research: its "promise for expanding medical breakthroughs" and "the hope [it provides] millions of patients and their loved ones."

To read the letter supporting the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

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