Tuesday, December 12, 2006

DFC Expresses Concern Over Bush Appointment to DASPA

There has been an outpouring of concern over the appointment by President Bush of Dr. Eric Keroack as the new Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affiars (DASPA). DASPA oversees Title X, the nation's family planning program, which provides high-quality health care services to over five million low-income individuals annually, helping them to avoid approximately onemillion unintended pregnancies each year.

Dr. Keroack's public statements, writings, and professional associations demonstrate his opposition to contraception and nondirective health care. His positions are antithetical to the goals of the Title X program, are not based on sound science, and could jeopardize the health of millions of American women. For this reason, Disciples For Choice joined with over 50 other organizations to protest this appointment by sending a letter to Michael Leavitt, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, expressing our concerns.

To read the letter, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

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